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Juil 2014

A new campaign for Sunny Delight

After several years without advertising campaigns, image and top of mind are brand's priorities. On the principle of TUMBLR, the new campaign is formed of several short videos about Sunny Delight sensations.... Read more

Juil 2014

Quai des Orfèvres is re-assigned by Pineau des Charentes

3 years after the first assignment, our  agency is the pitch winner  against Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, Havas 360 and St John's agencies.   The tender was dedicated to the 2015 new strategic platform.... Read more

Juin 2014

Danao. We love it so much!

Danao has assigned Quai des Orfevres for its new communication. We chose to highlight the recipe and  consumption moments. Our new ads talk about pleasure and gluttony all along the daytime. "Danao, we love it so much! "is the new signature.   TV ad shows a relay race across variousenvironments - city, home, countryside - with Danao passing from hand to hand and being enjoyed by young and old people at any place and any time.   The campaign uses all channels of M6 group among an…... Read more

Mai 2014

Loïc Raison is back

With the objective to convince consumers to drink cider, not only with pancakes,  but in many other occasions, Loïc Raison has assigned Quai des Orfevres.  the raspberry cider.   QDO puts forward  the aperitive with  the "rasperry flavoured" cider. Loic Raison is introduced as a strong character person due to his Brittany origin.  Loik speaks with humor without taking himself too seriously.     The brand has decided to run billboard campaigns, with additional operations in…... Read more

Jan 2014

Kusmi Tea, beauty blends

To speak with the greatest number, Kusmi Tea has chosen Quai des Orfèvres in 2014. Three TV ads of 26 seconds and one Cinema ad of 45 seconds, all unveiled  previously on social networks!   Kusmi Tea is the embodiment of blends in all their forms:  blends of tea, cultures, colors and people.   The concept represents the brand in this diversified universe and renews the codes of tea advertising in an unexpected way. It shows Kusmi in his element: water! Water reveals the taste of tea,…... Read more

Oct 2013

Eclor : cheers with Quai des Orfevres

All in one Winning two brands of cider: Ecusson and Loïc Raison, and one of fruit juice mixed with milk: Danao, this was a sweet reward for QDO. Orchestrated by  VT Scan Consultant,  Quai des Orfevres won the pitch against Change, Hemisphere Droit and Jesus. The agency managed by Richard Cohen, Olivier Ferran and Patrick Walhain now handle the advertising of the 3 brands in all major media. BETC was the former agency.   3 brands, 3 new concepts   The common objective of these brands…... Read more